On August 18 “Mortal Kombat” the film was released …

On August 18, 1995 the live-action adaptation  of the fighting game “Mortal Kombat,” was released.

“Mortal Kombat” logo
Warner Brothers Entertainment

The film followed Shaolin warrior Lui Kang (played by Robin Shou), movie star Johnny Cage (Linden Ashby), and Special Forces Officer Sonya Blade (played by Bridgette Wilson) as they enter the Mortal Kombat tournament as Earth’s protectors (each for their own personal reasons) under the guidance of the Thunder god Raiden (played by Christopher Lambert), as they fight the evil sources of Shang Tsung (played by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa).

Sonya Blade vs Kano:

The film, although it received mixed reviews, was a commercial success. It debuted at number one at the box office with $23 million, and earned over $120 million worldwide. The soundtrack also endured success, attaining platinum status, notably due to the techno-themed song by The Immortals. The film was followed by a 1997 sequel, is the fourth highest grossing video game adaption to date, and in 2014, it is in the process of a reboot lead by New Line Cinema.

Trailer for “Mortal Kombat”:

Random Pop Culture Fact: Cameron Diaz was originally set to play Sonya Blade, but broke her wrist during filming. 

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