On September 7 Weezer released “Buddy Holly” …

On September 7, 1994 Weezer released “Buddy Holly.” The song (which was written by band member Rivers Cuomo), released on what would’ve been Buddy Holly’s 58th and part of Weezer’s debut album, has become one of the band’s signature hits. It became a Top 40 hit, as well as ranking on greatest songs lists by VH1 and Rolling Stone.

Weezer -

Weezer – “Buddy Holly”
DGC Records / Universal Music Group

More background of the song via Rolling Stone:

“In the early 1990s, Cuomo had an awkward girlfriend who was routinely picked on. His efforts to stick up for her inspired Weezer’s breakthrough, a track whose bubble-grunge hooks and lines such as “I look just like Buddy Holly/And you’re Mary Tyler Moore” helped the band reach a nation of pop-minded suburban punks. It also earned Weezer autographed photos from the real Mary Tyler Moore.”

Music video to “Buddy Holly”:

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