On February 24 Kristin Davis was born…

On February 24, 1965 Kristin Davis was born.

Kristin Davis Getty Images

Kristin Davis
Getty Images

The actress, whose career spans over 25 years, is best known for playing the role of Charlotte York on the hit HBO show “Sex and the City” from 1998-2004. For her portrayal of Charlotte York, Davis was nominated for an Emmy Award, and won a Screen Actors Guild Award. She additionally portrayed the character in the 2008 film adaption of the show, as well as the 2010 sequel. Charlotte York is depicted as the most conservative of her friends on “Sex and the City,” hailing from Connecticut, prom queen in high school, in a sorority while in college, while placing more of an emphasis on love over lust.

Scene in “Sex and the City” in which Charlotte York becomes intoxicated:

Aside from “Sex and the City,” she portrayed the character of Brooke Armstrong on the 90’s drama “Melrose Place.”



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