On June 1 Ann B. Davis, better known as Alice from “The Brady Bunch” passed away …

On June 1, 2014 “Ann B. Davis, best known as the ever-chipper live-in housekeeper Alice Nelson on the highly rated ABC series The Brady Bunch, has died in San Antonio, CNN reported. She was 88.

Davis, who earlier won two Emmy Awards for her role as the peppery secretary Schultzy on “The Bob Cummings Show,” died Sunday after a fall in her bathroom, CNN reported, adding that she hit her head and never regained consciousness.

The Brady Bunch, created by Sherwood Schwartz, originally aired from September 1969 to March 1974 on ABC, then spent a year in syndication, followed by several reunion films and spinoff series.

It’s the story of Mike Brady (Robert Reed), a widowed architect with three sons — Greg (Barry Williams), Peter (Christopher Knight), and Bobby (Mike Lookinland) — who marries Carol Ann Martin (Florence Henderson), who has three daughters: Marcia (Maureen McCormick), Jan (Eve Plumb) and Cindy (Susan Olsen). 

Davis played the housekeeper Alice on the sitcom and occupied the center square of the checkerboard in the show’s opening.”

According to Us Weekly, “Davis also appeared in the films A Man Called Peter, All Hands on Deck, and Lover Come Back before retiring in 1976. She also reprised her most famous role in numerous Brady Bunch reunion specials, including 1981’s The Brady Brides, 1988’s A Very Brady Christmas, and 1995’s The Brady Bunch Movie.”

Ann Davis Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Ann B. Davis, better known as Alice from “The Brady Bunch ”
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

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