On September 16 Nick Jonas was born…

On September 16, 1992 Nick Jonas was born. The singer-songwriter is best known as being one third of the boy band, Jonas Brothers, alongside his brothers Kevin and Joe. As part of Jonas Brothers, alongside his brothers, he achieved international stardom, selling over 17 million records worldwide. During his time with the group, he appeared in the Disney Channel series “JONAS L.A.,” as well as the Disney movie “Camp Rock” and its sequel. Aside from Jonas Brothers, to pursue individual interests, Nick Jonas launched a solo career with the band Nick Jonas & The Administration, as well as pursued acting. He is currently slated to start in Fox’s horror-comedy “Scream Queens” in Winter 2015.

Nick Jonas Getty Images

Nick Jonas
Getty Images

Outside of music and acting, he is known for his philanthropy regarding children with diabetes. He himself was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 13, and helped developed the Change for the Children Foundation, with the goal to help raise money and awareness for children with diabetes. He’s also testified before Congress for more funding regarding the condition, as well as done a public service announcement for the condition in Washington, DC. 

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