On October 6 Amy Jo Johnson was born…

On October 6, 1970 Amy Jo Johnson was born. Even though she’s been part of various successful shows, she is arguably best known (and has cemented her status in pop culture) as portraying the original Pink Power Ranger in the 90s, Kimberly Hart, on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” After her stint on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” she starred on such shows as “Felicity,” “The Division,” Wildfire,” and “Flashpoint,” as well as the television movies “Susie Q” and “Killing Mr. Griffin.” “Susie Q” is named after the popular 1950’s song, while “Killing Mr. Griffin” is an adaption of the popular young adult novel published in 1978 by Lois Duncan. 

Amy Jo Johnson Getty

Amy Jo Johnson
Getty / Saban Brands

A short video of Amy Jo Johnson in action as Kimberly Hart (aka the Pink Power Ranger): 

She also starred in 1995 hit movie based on the show, “Mighty Morphin Power Ranger: The Movie,” reprising her role of Kimberly Hart. A short clip of her in the film:

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