On February 20 Kurt Cobain was born…

On February 20, 1967 Kurt Cobain was born. He is best known as the guitarist, singer, and songwriter of Nirvana, with whom he had the 1991 hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Throughout his life, Cobain struggled with substance addiction, particularly heroin, as well as with depression. On April 5, 1994 Cobain committed suicide via a self-inflicted gun shot to the head. He left behind his wife, Courtney Love (front woman of the rock band Hole), as well as his only child, his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. 

Kurt Cobain Getty Images

Kurt Cobain
Getty Images

Since his death, as well as the legacy Nirvana has left in music history, Cobain is remembered as one of the most iconic rock musicians in history.

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