On May 8 Enrique Iglesias was born…

On May 8, 1975 international superstar Enrique Iglesias was born.

Enrique Iglesias  Getty Images

Enrique Iglesias
Getty Images

He is the son of Latin superstar and legend Julio Iglesias, and started his career in the mid-1990s with the release of his self-titled debut album in 1995, which was followed by the albums “Vivir” and “Cosas del Amor.” Some of his most successful singles in Latin America include “Experiencia Religiosa,” “Enamorado Por Primera Vez,” “Por Amarte,” and “No Llores Por Mi,” all which were hit singles on the Latin Billboard charts. 

Music video to “Experiencia Religiosa”:

In 1999, after signing a record deal with Universal Music Group for close to $50 million, Iglesias began his crossover into the US market. His first English debut single, “Bailamos,” was an instant hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. More hit singles followed, including the number-one hit, “Be With You,” but it was Iglesias’ world hit, 2001’s “Hero,” that cemented Iglesias as an international superstar. The video featured Mickey Rourke and Jennifer Love Hewitt, while the single was often used as an anthem of hope following the 9/11 attacks that occurred in the United States. 

Music video to “Hero”:

Throughout his career, Iglesias has amassed countless awards and records sales. He’s a Grammy award winner, has won over 40 Billboard Music Awards (including Billboard Latin Music Awards), 5 American Music Awards, 15 Premios Los Nuestro, as well as many other awards. He has achieved over 70 number-one songs on the Billboard charts (with 2014’s “Bailando” being his 25th number-one in the Latin Billboard Charts, a record for any Latin artist), and he has sold over 100 records worldwide. He is one of the most successful Spanish language artists of all time, and is often referred to as The King of Latin Pop. 

Since 2001, he’s been in a relationship with tennis superstar, Anna Kournikova. 

Enrique Iglesias alongside Anna Kournikova Photo Credit: Justin Campbell

Enrique Iglesias alongside Anna Kournikova
Photo Credit: Justin Campbell

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