On May 17 “Beverly Hills, 90210” went off the air after 10 seasons…

On May 17, 2000 “Beverly Hills, 90210” went off the air after 10 seasons.

Logo for "Beverly Hills, 90210" Spelling Television

Logo for “Beverly Hills, 90210”
Spelling Television

The young adult drama series, produced by Aaron Spelling’s company Spelling Television, followed the lives of a group of friends in Beverly Hills as they navigate high school, as well as college. The series tackled issues such as animal rights, rape, sex, suicide, pregnancy, and other numerous societal topics. In addition to often being referred to as one of the greatest shows of the 1990s, it made teen idols out of its stars. Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Torrie Spelling, Brian Austin Green, Ian Ziering, and Gabrielle Carteris all became household names and were the stars of the show, while during its 10 season run the series featured guest appearances of young stars of that era. 

Cast of "Beverly Hills, 90210" Fox

Cast of “Beverly Hills, 90210”

Opening to “Beverly Hills, 90210”:

Random Pop Culture Fact: Many of the series’ stars made cameo appearances in the 2008 spinoff, “90210,” which lasted five seasons.

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