On June 24 Solange Knowles was born…

On June 24, 1986 Solange Knowles was born. 

Solange Knowles Getty Images

Solange Knowles
Getty Images

She is the younger singer of Beyonce Knowles, and sister-in-law to hip-hop star Jay Z. Throughout her career, Solange has ventured into both film and music. Arguably her most known role was in the sequel to 2000’s “Bring It On,” 2006’s “Bring It On: All or Nothing.” Her music career has included singing backup for Destiny’s Child, songwriting her Destiny’s Child, while releasing her third album in 2014. Solange’s musical taste is heavily influenced by Motown girl groups, which is reflected in the 60s/70s feel of her music. 

Most recently, Solange made headlines on May 12, 2014 by physically attacking brother-in-law Jay-Z. TMZ released security footage taken from an elevator depicting Solange punching and kicking Jay-Z, while her sister Beyonce looked on. Beyonce did not react to anything that occurred, simply allowing the altercation to occur, and to this day, the reason for the fight is unknown. 

TMZ video of the altercation:

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