About “Today in Pop”

First, let’s chat a bit about what is pop culture?

One is often quick to disregard pop culture as a non-serious topic, that it is simply just having a knowledge of certain “popular” facts that are deemed useless. Well, that is not the case. When pop culture (aka popular culture) is broken down, it is simply cultural analysis. It is essentially cultural analysis in that one is exploring the various underlying ideas, perspectives, and attitudes that society may have towards a certain cultural artifact (e.g. movie, pubic figure, tech gadget, etc) to deem it “popular.” In studying such cultural actions, one is able to comprehend the thought process of an individual, as well as society as a whole, and why they “feel” that way towards a certain cultural artifact.

Now that we have an idea of what pop culture entitles, where does “Today in Pop” fall into all this?

“Today in Pop” was developed out of the mind of a self-proclaimed pop culture junkie. “Today in Pop” is a landing page of information in which any pop culture aficionado will be able to explore the daily tidbits of pop culture that have had some historical significance, whether it be from the past, or real-time. Consider “Top in Pop” a collective source of pop culture knowledge, an encyclopedia of pop culture per se.


“Today in Pop” is here to help you build your wealth of knowledge in pop culture one day at a time… 

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